About Me

Dan here! Chances are, you’re looking to buy a new shower head, and you’ve come to my site looking for information. I can’t promise to have all of the answers, but I can promise to give an honest, in-depth analysis of each shower head model that I have listed.

Why Should You Trust Me?

A great question. I work in the real estate field, and have worked very diligently trying to sell homes to clients and get their feedback. Kitchens are always the biggest draw followed by – bathrooms.

That’s right – people love a nice, fancy bathroom.

I got to wondering: what could my clients do to make their bathroom shine while adding value to their home? A simple solution was to add a new shower head. I found that people love different shower heads, and they help sell homes faster.

Handheld and rainfall shower heads seem to be the most popular options among my clients.

Afterward, I would talk to my sellers and even offer to install new shower heads in an effort to help them sell their homes faster. It works for a lot of the homes I sell, and it became an obsession for me.

How My Site Will Help You

I have seen it all throughout the years. I have installed new shower heads, learned how to properly clean them (non-cleaning ones of course), and even replace them with dual or more shower head designs.

A fun experiment became a side hobby that I am now sharing with you.

I will be providing a lot of information on shower heads as well as discussing some of the top models that I have had the pleasure of trying and reviewing. These are my own personal experiences, and I will help you decide on the perfect shower head for your home.