7 Kid’s Shower Heads That Are Perfect for All Ages

Are you looking for the perfect kid’s shower head? There are several shower head designs on the market, but a lot of them are geared towards adults. While understandable, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a shower head that was designed with kids in mind.

Many models have color changing lights with temperature alert functions.

Other models have cute characters on them that will appeal to kids of all ages, and make showering fun instead of boring and dull. We’re going to take a look at 7 unique models to see which model is best for your home and child.

1.    Rinse Ace 3801

A great option for younger users. This model connects to your existing shower head, allowing both adults and children to shower in the utmost comfort at all times. Quick-connecting, this model comes with a detachable hose that can be removed when the shower is not in use. Safety first, the detachable hose ensures that no long, hanging hoses are left out for children to become injured on.

The height is adjustable, and the back of the shower head has suction cups, so it can be firmly affixed to the shower tiles.

Featuring a fun fish design, Rinse Ace will be the center of every child’s attention when they shower. Make your child’s shower time fun and exciting instead of boring and dull.

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2.    Leegoal 7 Color LED Lights Shower Head

Leegoal provides an extremely affordable shower head that has a beautiful stainless steel finish. Featuring a special design, this shower head connects right to the shower arm and is a handheld model that can be affixed or removed as necessary.

Color changing, this model alternates between 7 different colors every 3 to 5 seconds.

No battery is required or electrical connections since the LED lights will only illuminate when the water faucet is on. There are three primary colors used to change the color of the light shown through the water: red, green and blue.

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3.    DreamSpa® All-Chrome Water Temperature

A beautiful shower head with a stylish chrome design. This shower head has kids in mind while providing a stunning design that would be seen in any high-end bathroom. Considered the world’s most advanced LED shower head, this model uses water to generate the power for the LED lights to operate.

DreamSpa offers a 3-color changing sensor that will change colors with the heat of the water.

Blue is used to indicate cold water, while green is warm and red is obviously assigned for hot water. This is a fun way for kids to take a shower and not get burned in the process. Adults will love the fact that there are 5 settings included:

  • Pulsating
  • Rain
  • Mist
  • Economy rain
  • Water saving

The head is 5.25” around, and the LED lights have been tested to have 10 years of use based on heavy daily usage. The best part? You don’t even need tools to connect this shower head.

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4.    Conservco RDNF-P Handheld Shower Head

Conservco produces one of the best handheld shower head designs for kids – two actually. The first on our list is a pig character that is adorable in every way. Inspired to save water, this shower head uses just 1.5 gallons of water per minute instead of the standard 2.5 gallons of water seen with most shower heads.

Perfect for infants and toddlers, this model has a gentle spray as a result of the lower flow rate, making it safe and friendly for sensitive kids.

Rubber suction cups allow you to mount this shower head on the back of the shower wall if needed, or you can use this model as a handheld shower head. There is a 2-way water diverter that allows you to have a standard shower head, or use this shower head when needed. Plumber’s tape is provided for an easier installation, and a 6-foot white plastic hose is attached to the shower head.

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5.    Happy Shower® 12 Color Changing Shower Head

With a name like Happy Shower, how could you not want to try this showerhead? A beautiful chrome design, this showerhead has 12 amazing colors that shoot out of the shower head, illuminating the streams of water. The 3 primary colors are: red, blue and green.

Easy to install, this model uses a no-tool installation design and can be installed using just your hands.

The perfect choice for kids, this showerhead is temperature sensitive and will change colors with the water temperature. For a young child, this means that they now have a visual cue to know when the water is too hot or cold. Kids that are just starting to shower unsupervised need to know when the water is too hot, so they don’t scold themselves.

There are no batteries needed to operate the LED lights as the water pressure powers the lights. Cool, right?

This model is easy to mount, and the colors change in the following manner:

  • The water is cold.
  • The water is warm.
  • The water is hot.

Your kids will love this showerhead.

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6.    Conservco RDNF-K Handheld Shower Head

The second Conservco model on our list. This shower head is almost exactly like the previous version listed, but instead of a pig character, this model has a cute red cat design with red eyes and stripes.

Perfect for children, this model has a movable shower head that can be used in the mounted position or as a handheld model. There is a 6-foot hose attached to the showerhead, featuring a white plastic design that is both durable yet kid-friendly.

One of the best kids shower head options available, there is a 2-way diverter to provide water flow to a standard shower head when needed. Plumber’s tape is included to help prevent any leaks that are commonly seen when installing a shower head.

Worried about the environment?

This showerhead uses just 1.5 gpm (gallons per minute) instead of 2.5. Highly conservative, you’ll use less water in the shower and also have less water pressure, making this shower head gentler on kids.

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7.    Best Shower Head LED Color Changing Shower Head

An affordable showerhead that is like all of the color changing options on our list. This model uses three temperature settings to display the water temperature through fun, vibrant LED lights. The three colors used are: red, green and blue.

One of the biggest differences is that this model will flash colors when there is a risk of the child being burned by the water.

Colors will change when:

  • Less than 25C. The color will be green.
  • 26C – 35C. The color will be blue.
  • 36C – 45C. The color will be red.

Anything over the 45C mark will cause the colors to flash simultaneously to show that the water may be too hot to use.

Note: This model only comes with the showerhead and not a hose. You will need to have a hose or buy one to use this showerhead.

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These are the 7 best kids shower heads available today. All extremely affordable and easy to install, you’re sure to find a model that your child will love.

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